About us

Welcome to GoldenAly kennel website !

We officially founded our FCI registed kennel “GoldenAly” in 2012, with purpose to breed Golden retriever.




This beautiful and elegant breed has cought us for its great and exceptionall nature. Golden retrievers are extremely friendly, calm and cuddly, so it is very easy to fall in love with them. As this breed is outstandingly patient, they are great companions also for kids. Golden retrievers are well known for its intelligence, therefore they are widely used in canistherapy, as a guiding or rescue dog. They love to work, but they can also be great family dogs.


Yasmine and Ariel


We are small family kennel and we live in Prague. At the moment we have two Golden Retriever females -  Yasmine (Bagheera od Vltavské stráně), and her daughter Ariel Love GoldenAly, who is from the first litter of our Yasmine. Strongest aim of GoldenAly kennel is to breed healthy and well-tempered puppies. Yasmine and Ariel are a full member of our family, they live home with us, which is absolutely natural for us.Golden retriever needs a close contact to its master, only than he can be happy. This breed is very attached to its people and if it is made to live in the garden or in cage kennel, retrievers suffer a lot!!

Therefore, also for our puppies we will look for best future family.


Our Family